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In-house training

Discover rights of Women's highly acclaimed, specialised training courses.

Tailored Training Solutions

Our courses equip professionals with a practical understanding of the legal rights and remedies available to the women they work with.

  • Expert-Led Training: Delivered by our team of specialist solicitors or barristers, our courses set out the legal framework for the topic and its practical application, equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills to better support the women they work with.
  • Flexible Delivery: Choose between online or in-person sessions, depending on your team’s preferences and our availability. Our training formats range from full-day and half-day sessions to webinars.
  • Engaging Content: Our courses incorporate engaging content and activities ensuring an interactive learning experience.

Standard Courses

Our existing courses cover a variety of legal topics, including but not limited to:


Family and Criminal Law

  • Helping survivors access family law legal aid (half-day)
  • Domestic violence injunctions (half-day or 1 day available)
  • Child arrangements and domestic abuse (1 day)
  • Supporting survivors of domestic abuse in child arrangement order applications (half-day)
  • Divorce and financial arrangements after separation (1 day or half-day)
  • FGM, forced marriage, and the law (1 day)
  • Sexual violence – overview of the law (half-day)
  • Sexual Violence 3-day course (adaptable)
  • The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 – family and criminal justice measures (2-hour webinar)
  • What does the Family Court do? (2-hour webinar)
  • Practical tips on attending Family Court with a survivor of domestic abuse (2-hour webinar)
  • Family Court: IDVA/ISVA attendance & keeping refuge addresses confidential (2-hour webinar)


Immigration Law

  • Migrant women and immigration control
  • Family members and protections for victims of domestic abuse under the EU Settlement Scheme


Employment Law

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace: handling disclosures and conducting trauma-informed investigations (1 day or half-day)

In-house specialised training on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Handling Disclosures and Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations.

Our tailored courses are designed to equip your team with an understanding of the law in the context of violence against women and girls. We can provide you with the tools needed to effectively respond to sexual harassment allegations, conduct fair and objective investigations and comply with the new law on all employers to proactively prevent sexual harassment from October 2024.


Course Overview:

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Handling Disclosures and Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations

This specialised course is tailored to equip employers, HR professionals and trade union reps with the necessary skills to navigate and address sexual harassment effectively.  Delivered as a comprehensive 1-day or a focused half-day session, the course is designed to go through the process step by step to provide valuable insights and practical strategies.

Course Description:

Drawing from the Rights of Women’s frontline experience gained through our advice line and using bespoke case studies that we will design in conjunction with you to ensure the training is relevant to your sector and work environment. The training will introduce and explain the legal concepts and use group work to fit practical examples you may encounter in the border context of violence against women and girls. It helps organisations understand how to meet their legal obligations, ensure they act fairly and best support victims. It also ensures your organisation will be acting upon their new duty to prevent sexual harassment and duty of care to create a safe workplace free from harassment for all.

The course is structured around challenging case studies, designed to cover every stage, from initial disclosure and interviews to grievance outcomes. Each session is tailored with practical advice for supporting victims and conducting fair and objective investigations.

Course Sessions:

Session 1 – Introduction to violence against women and girls, sexual harassment and myth-busting

Session 2 – Sexual harassment and the law

Session 3 – Trauma-informed approaches

Session 4 – Responding to sexual harassment and violence disclosures and supporting victims

Session 5 – Conducting trauma-informed internal investigations


Who Will Benefit:

Suitable for large or small employers, this course is invaluable for senior management, line managers, HR professionals (particularly those who will receive informal or formal reports of sexual harassment) internal and external investigators, decision-makers of workplace investigations, trade union officials and representatives, and VAWG professionals.

Bespoke Training

Tailored to your organisation’s unique needs, we can adapt our standard course content, emphasis, or duration to align with your specific objectives or create a tailor-made course addressing your organisation’s learning requirements.

What people say about this training 

“I felt it was high quality and accessible training that is very timely as trade union leaderships take a long hard look at their structures, processes and governance.”  Dep General Sec, Trade Union


Get in Touch

For detailed information on this and all our training courses, including course summaries, and costs, or to discuss your specific requirements, please visit our website or reach out to our training and events team at [email protected].


We also offer bespoke training which offers a flexible and cost-effective way to meet your team or organisation’s learning needs. Our fees include set up and delivery of the course as well as practical support materials.

To discuss pricing, access course summaries, and to explore how we can meet your specific requirements, please visit our website or reach out to our training and events team at [email protected].

Charges for our training services vary based on your organisation type and income. We understand that each organisation has unique circumstances, and we aim to provide tailored solutions that accommodate diverse budgets.

To discuss pricing, access course summaries, and to explore how we can meet your specific requirements, please visit our website or reach out to our training and events team at [email protected].

Training FAQ's

To help you make your decision about booking your training with Rights of Women, we have put together a list of some of the more frequently asked questions.

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