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Online legal guides

Our online legal guides and handbooks provide accessible legal information to help women in England and Wales access justice and safety through the law.

Family law information

Our family law guides include accessible online information on: domestic abuse, children and the law, family court, legal aid, marriage, divorce, civil partnership, finances, living together, and more.

Criminal law information

Our criminal law guides include accessible online information on: sexual and domestic violence, harassment, stalking, online abuse, forced marriage, FGM, the criminal justice process, and more.

Immigration and asylum law information

Our immigration and asylum law guides include accessible online information on: trafficking, seeking asylum, immigration, and more.

Sexual harassment at work information

Our employment law guides include accessible online information on: sexual harassment and discrimination at work, legal aid, and covid guidance.

About our legal information

Our publications aim to provide affordable and accessible information on the legal issues which impact on women’s lives in order to improve their knowledge about the legal rights and remedies available to them.

These guides and handbooks are not a substitute for legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you can contact our advice lines

Our legal information contains the law as it applies in England and Wales.

Sexual violence and domestic abuse is most commonly perpetrated by men against women. Consequently, in our handbooks and legal guides, we refer to the perpetrator of abuse throughout as he and the person who has experienced it as she. However, we recognise that this is not always the case and that domestic abuse and sexual violence can and does occur in same sex relationships and, in a minority of cases, by women against men. Our legal guidance relates equally to all survivors.

We aim to make our legal information accessible to all women.

You can read about the accessibility and usability of our website here.

If you require our legal information in another format such as large print contact us.

If English is not your first language, please ask a friend or support worker to translate it for you. You may also ask them to call our advice lines for advice on your behalf.

Find more information about our advice lines here.

Have you used our legal information? Tell us what you think here.

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