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FLOWS Answers

We've launched a new free and confidential online criminal law advice service for women in England and Wales called FLOWS Answers. You can write to us using the online tool and a lawyer from the Rights of Women team will email you with a response to your question within 2 weeks.

FLOWS Answers is a free and confidential online advice service for women in England and Wales.

Lawyers from the Rights of Women team will read the information you send. The lawyer will write back to you, giving you information on the law and advising you on your legal options.

If you have already sent us a question, and have not received an answer, please check your email and spam folders. The title of the email we send you will be “Your FLOWS Answers question ref FA …..”

What can we help with?

We currently provide advice on the following areas of law:

  • Criminal law, including:
    • sexual violence
    • domestic violence
    • harassment and stalking
    • reporting offences to the police and the criminal justice system
    • options when an abuser is not prosecuted
    • complaining about the police or Crown Prosecution Service
    • criminal injuries compensation

We are not able to appear in court, draft letters, make phone calls or fill in forms on your behalf – but we can provide information and guidance about these things.

Important Safety Information

Clicking the START button will direct you to the Flows Answers website.

Click QUICK CLOSE to leave the FLOWS Answers site immediately and go to the Google homepage.

This won’t remove our site from your browsing history, so please only use this site in a private window / incognito / private browsing. For help with this and staying safe online, please follow our Browse Safely link.

Before we get started, we have a few simple questions to make sure FLOWS Answers is the right option for you.