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Applying for a new biometric residence card following a grant of status under the EU settlement scheme

This guides explains applying for a new Biometric Residence Card following a grant of status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Domestic violence and immigration law: The “Domestic violence rule”

This legal guide explains the immigration law and policy relevant to women from abroad who are in the UK on a spouse or partner visa and are experiencing domestic violence.

Women, families and article 8 of the EHCR

This legal guide explains the immigration laws and policies relevant to women from abroad who have a family and/or private life in the UK. It also explains some of the options that may be available to a woman who wishes to make an immigration application on that basis. Please also read the update, available to download.

July 2023: Legal update for non-EU national parents / primary carers of British children

This is a legal update for non-EU national parents/primary carers of British children.




Immigration and asylum law advice

We have three immigration and asylum law advice lines: our EU settlement scheme advice line; our immigration and asylum law advice line; and our professionals' advice line.

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women in England and Wales supported through our free legal advice lines each year.


visitors provided with impartial expert advice through our website annually.

Sexual harassment at work information

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Sexual harassment at work handbook

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