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If you want to report sexual violence that occurred in the past you can do so by contacting the police at any time, by going into your local police station or calling 101.

When you first report a matter to the police this is called an initial complaint, you can ask to speak to a police officer of the same sex as you if you would be more comfortable.

Can someone else report for me?

It may be that you want the police to be aware about an incident of sexual violence but do not want to contact them yourself. If this is the case you can ask a third party (such as your GP, a friend or support organisation) to report the incident to the police.

A third-party report can include as much or as little detail as you wish. Third party reports are confidential (the third party does not have to give the police your name or contact details). However, there are circumstances when the police may want to contact you. For example, it may be that the information you give links your case to others, or that they are able to identify the person responsible. If this is the case the police would contact the person or organisation that made the third-party report and ask them to contact you.