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Legal information

Rights of Women have produced a number of information sheets on legal issues affecting women. You can download them here, free of charge.

The information contained on this page is not legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should talk to a lawyer or advisor before deciding what to do. The information given here is written for people resident in or affected by the laws of England and Wales.

Have you used our legal advice and information services or signposted other women to them? Please help us fundraise to maintain and develop them by completing our short surveys:

These information sheets are in PDF format. If you are visually impaired, and require any of them in Word format, please let us know by emailing info@row.org.uk and we will send them to you.

On this page:

Legal Aid:

PDF A guide to family law legal aid

Rights of Women, Women's Aid and Welsh Women's Aid are very concerned that these changes will mean that many women affected by violence will not be able to access legal advice and representation to resolve family law matters. In order to monitor the impact of the changes we have developed a survey for women to complete. Please complete the survey here. We will be feeding back this information to the Ministry of Justice.

Legal handbooks:

PDF From Report to Court: a handbook for adult survivors of sexual violence (5th edition)

PDF Your body, your rights, your life. Sexual violence and the law: a young person's guide

PDF Seeking Refuge? A handbook for asylum seeking women (2nd edition)
Order a hard copy here

Since publication of our handbook, Seeking Refuge? A handbook for asylum seeking women (2nd edition), there have been important changes to the law. Please also read the following:
Important changes to the Immigration rules on family migration

PDF From Rights to Action: Using International rights and mechanisms on violence against women in the UK

Living together:

PDF Living together and the law

Marriage and divorce:

PDF A guide to marriage

PDF A guide to divorce - Updated!

PDF Financial Arrangements After Marriage Breakdown

Children and relationship breakdown:

Significant changes to family law and procedure were introduced on 22 April 2014. We are in the process of updating all our family law guides to include these changes. In the meantime please call our family law advice line on 020 7251 6577.

A summary of some of the changes can be found here.

Alternatives to the family court:

PDF Mediation, mediation information and assessment meetings, collaborative law and family arbitration - New!

Domestic and sexual violence:

PDF A guide to domestic violence injunctions - Updated!

PDF Domestic violence, housing and homelessness

PDF Rape and assault by penetration: information for survivors of sexual violence - Updated!

PDF Understanding sexual assault and causing someone to engage in sexual activity

PDF Reporting an offence to the police: a guide to criminal investigations - Updated!

PDF From charge to trial: a guide to criminal proceedings - Updated!

PDF A guide to criminal injuries compensation - Updated!


PDF Trafficking and the National Referral Mechanism

Immigration and asylum law:

PDF Women, families and Article 8 - New!

PDF Domestic violence, immigration law and "no recourse to public funds" - Updated 2nd edition!

PDF Legal update! The destitute domestic violence concession, changes and challenges

Civil partnerships and lesbian parenting:

PDF Entering into a civil partnership

PDF Dissolving civil partnerships

PDF Financial arrangements after civil partnership breakdown

PDF Lesbian parenting

Your children, your rights: family legal guides for non-abusive parents of children who have been sexually abused:

PDF Children and the law: the criminal justice system and child sex offences

PDF Children and the law: when social services are involved

Supporting young people in relation to peer-on-peer abuse, domestic and sexual violence:

PDF Understand, Identify, Intervene: Supporting young people in relation to peer-on-peer abuse, domestic and sexual violence

Opening PDF files:

If your computer doesn't have a program that can open PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe's website.