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Rights of Women Networks

Rights of Women delivers workshops, seminars and other events to provide updates and information on changes to law and policy that affects women.

Through these events, we aim to strengthen the capacity of voluntary sector organisations that are working to influence policy and improve the status of women.

Rights of Women policy networks

Women's Migration and Asylum Network

The Women's Migration and Asylum Network is a Google group that enables participation and information sharing between professionals who have an interest in gender, migration and violence against women. Benefits of joining the Network include the ability to seek information, share research and events, keep up-to-date with legal and policy changes on gender and migration issues and access free, accredited training and events

The objectives of the Women’s Migration and Asylum Network are to:

  • facilitate communication between and strengthen the understanding of network members on legal and policy issues that affect migrant and asylum-seeking women;
  • improve the participation of network members in the legal and policy formation process;
  • positively influence law and policy that affects migrant and asylum-seeking women;
  • promote gender equality and work towards the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of gender, as well as discrimination against women where it intersects with age, disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any combination thereof; and,
  • to promote the human rights of all women in the UK.

The Network will focus on improving gender equality in relation to the following thematic areas:

  • asylum;
  • economic migration;
  • family migration (including family formation and reunion);
  • settlement and routes to citizenship;
  • violence against women issues (including trafficking).

To join the Network visit https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en-GB#!forum/womens-migration-and-asylum-network. You will need to set up a Google account (if do not already have one). The network is free and open to any professional interested in the group’s objectives.

For further information about the network please read its Terms of Reference here.

The creation and facilitation of the network has been made possible by Unbound Philanthropy.